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Weight Loss

Revive Wellness offers a multifaceted approach to helping you with reaching your optimum weight. We look at the dynamics of stress eating, metabolic issues, food quality, the timing of meals and aspects of weight training. 

Our approach includes the evaluation of hormones through labs (all done in-house), and medications that can be used along with behavior modification and lifestyle changes, plus we provide instruction on weight-training tools and how to fit them into a busy schedule.


We partner with dietitian Lauren Hill of Hill Nutrition, who has successfully helped with weight loss through detailed assessments and lifelong recommendations.

We offer a physician-monitored meal replacement program used with great results (the program has been used by -gastric sleeve candidates). The program features nutritious bars, shakes and soups with a reported average weight loss of 36 lbs. in 12 weeks  — all while eating five small, balanced meals a day. 

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