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Getting the most from your facial.​

Are you getting monthly facials? Here are some tips to help you get the most benefits. I am sure that you know first of all your facials make your skin smoother and glowing. Extractions, such as blackheads, well there is nothing better than an esthetician who knows what she is doing.

BEFORE you go . . . yes, you must know these few things:

Avoid exfoliation 3-4 days prior to your appointment. While exfoliation is good, you don't want your skin over-sensitized.

Perform your normal routine. We love routines, and so does your face. Show up to your appointment having performed your normal routine... A full face of makeup or a clean face.

BE HONEST. We put this in caps so that when you go to your appointment, you can tell your esthetician the products you use, how your face reacts and most of all ask questions about anything you are concerned with.

and now we come to AFTER your appointment.

Follow-up advice. Sometimes your facial will cause redness. Ask your esthetician how to best handle that.

Give your face room to breathe. Sometimes we all need room to breathe, well guess what, so does your face. It will be so clean afterward, enjoy the day, go makeup free for the next 2 days, and try it, it's so freeing. When outside even on cloudy days, use a 25 SPF minimum sunscreen.

These are some great tips for your facial. Try them and see if your face doesn't thank you!! Oh, and space your appointments out between 2 weeks and a month!

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