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Take some peaceful time out with our massage therapist. Our certified massage therapist will tailor your needs to your request. You can expect a relaxing, tranquil and comfortable environment throughout your session.

Full Body  
Full Body-Deep
“Problem Focus”
  30-minute massage

“Work Day Destress”

      45-minute massage

“Happy Face”
60-minute facial massage focusing on the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms & hands.

“Everything at Once”

     60-minute full body relaxation massage (includes 10-minute infrared sauna session).

“The Reset”   

      90-minute full body and add-on a focus problem area  (includes 10-minute infrared sauna session).


     Hands/Feet Acupressure Points. 30-minutes. 


“Mama Massage”  

    Prenatal and Postnatal Massages (after the first tri-mester). 30 & 60-minutes





Deep Tissue to any massage  

Hot Stones


Mobile Set-up Fee   

60 or 90-minutes only (established clients only). 15-mile radius.


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